A Little ‘Love Note’ For You!

Hola everyone! Happy Valentine’s Day!! What a perfect day for today’s post!

Last week was good for me, definitely, as my help is back!! She is a huge part of my support system and her assistance allows me to do the things that I want to do. By the way, did you guys read this blog-post about how behind every successful women is…always, a trusted help? I posted it a while back. Do read,  if you have time now.

A couple days back, once the morning yoga-session finished, my yoga-mates and I decided to sit down in the pleasant morning sun for just 5 minutes, for Vitamin D and a pause. I have come to realize that the most precious moments are when you make yourself deliberately pause even for just 5-10 minutes when you are super-busy and running! Have a cup of tea/coffee and put your feet up the table for 5 minutes kind?

Not only do these moments fill you with a kind of warmth and peace but also fill you with gratitude for everything!

That’s the true meaning of smelling the roses, I guess.

So, somewhere in the conversation, in a context, I said that I ask myself every day in evening – if I am tired or how I was feeling or did I need anything from myself, can I do this, do I want to do this etc etc. They all looked at me surprised and I realized not everyone does that – talk to themselves, I mean.

Thankfully, the yoga-mates, all being more positive and aware than normal, didn’t find it too weird and agreed it’s a good thing. Phew!

No doubt, we all have lots of thoughts running in our minds all the time…lots of planning and sorting processes always on. But talking to ‘another-yourself’ in a structured manner, in a to and fro communication, is not very common.

I do it yes…in proper sentences. I talk to myself though silently and even ask myself proper questions as if me and my brain are two different people, as if I am talking to another ‘Me’. I have also known some introverts doing the same, much more. No, I am not an introvert, I am an ambivert. How do I know? Take this super-interesting quiz here to know whether you are more of an introvert, extrovert or ambivert!

Do you? Talk to yourself, as a separate part of yourself? If you do, a high-five! If you don’t, maybe you can give it a try.

I would like to put it under self-care and self-love. Under self-importance too. Doesn’t mean you talk to yourself loudly all the time but why not have a conversation with yourself sometime. But for that, you need to keep that phone down for a minute!

Self-love and self-care is not all about taking cute pics of yourself and posting them on social media…that could be a tiny part of it, sure! But there is much beyond. And it is the polar opposite of being self-righteous and self-obsessed!

It also includes being self-aware and self-trusting too. It includes being mindful i.e. paying attention to what you are doing…be it eating, running, talking to someone else, breathing, taking a decision or simply tuning-in to your internal or/and external environment!

Self-care could be a vast topic. Let’s focus on “talking to oneself” part today. One should have an internal conversation to herself/himself sometimes because:

  • it is not just normal but actually healthy for you
  • it helps you to clarify/organize your own thoughts or analyze a situation better – however small or big it is
  • your mind/brain might give you another perspective or another side of the same story
  • you can use it as a tool to release any negative thoughts from your mind, many a times…talk yourself out of the negativity
  • it connects you to yourself
  • it helps you to de-stress and uplift your mood, on your own
  • you prioritize things better, remember things better
  • you respect yourself more and believe in yourself more too

Just Make Sure:

  • that you don’t overdo or over analyze things.  Talking to self has to be a positive experience
  • make sure you interact with other people also (in general) and not get into the habit of talking to just yourself only, for everything

A Warning:

Well, if you are constantly talking to someone other than yourself all the time or imagining someone else with you many times, you might need medical help. It could be a sign of schizophrenia or Multiple Personality Disorder ☹

In The End:

I am curious, how many of you already talk to yourself? Everyone has many thought processes running thorough their mind/brain – almost always. I am not talking about them. I mean actually talking to a part of yourself, with proper questions? A proper two-way dialogue? Let me know.

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Till next Friday

Hugs, Health and Peace

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