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Hi friends,

Welcome to my blog! 

I stay in Mumbai city with my entrepreneur life-partner and two always-fighting but still adorable daughters. Gayatri, I-just-wanna-have-fun, is 9 and Myra, the diva is 6. Am not born-and-brought up here but am a true-blue Mumbaikar now!

With more than a decade worth of corporate experience which ranges from working for one of the top-most Indian fashion Designers and still my favourite – to high-end Luxury & Lifestyle brands – to Brand Management with an MNC, have done it all. Am now a stay-at-home-mommy by choice!

Now, I am a certified Health & Nutrition Consultant and I work with my clients to help them achieve their individual goals- health, disease management or abs!

Education wise, am an MBA-Marketing and a Bachelors in Science with another old Diploma in Nutrition & Health Education, on the side.

I was the Chief Editor of my business school’s magazine in my second year there. I remember bugging my seniors for the responsibility till I got it! I also won the Mentor’s Award for Best Student for two consecutive years at the institute. Also won, somehow, the Director’s Excellence Award for two consecutive years there. 

I am a bookworm – I read whatever comes my way. I read physical books, read on kindle and other reading apps, as well online. Heck, I even read all the pamphlets that come with the newspapers! Quora is a favorite too! You get to live so many lives when you read! 

I am a post-graduate in Indian Classical Vocal Music from Prayag Sangeet Samiti, Allahabad. I love to sing and listen to all kinds of music, Hindi and English. My Bluetooth speaker is one of my most prized possession! 

I ticked another item off my bucket-list when I learnt guitar well enough to give a public performance. Am not a pro at guitar but I can strum and sing!

A C-level NCC cadet, pro at rifle-shooting, I attended many state-level and national camps, won many awards during three years of an exciting pre-armed forces training. I also seriously believe that NCC training should be made compulsory at school level, for all kids.

A fitness enthusiast, an MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) fan and a kickboxer with a little OCD for cleanliness and organization.

I love to dance too but when it’s just me! And am looking forward to learning Krav Maga and knife-throwing, now, hopefully soon! Well, as soon as I find someone to teach me how to throw knives precisely 🙂

A non-judgmental, highly optimistic person who believes in all kinds of equality on our planet and though not religious, believes in the infinite powers of human mind and body. 

I like meeting new people, listening to their stories. I promise whatever your story is, I would never judge you. A passive-liker of pets and with a fondness for greenery at home and all around!

But please don’t think all this has come easy to me or that I was born with some kind of silver spoon in my mouth. No, I have worked hard for all these, made mistakes, made sacrifices, big and small! Its just that am a quick learner and a multi-tasker (I make checklists for everything) and I don’t quit easily…well, except for when it comes to driving and trying to learn how to drape a killer saree! 

Please join me in my journey in life, I am sure we have many things in common. I’ll share a few slices of my life with you and you share yours with me…of life, I mean!

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Love, Health and Peace