Brownies to the Rescue!

How to make quick delicious brownies in microwave (convection-microwave only)

Brownie recipe (Microwave version)

A very simple and tasty brownie recipe by me. Try it out, the brownies look gorgeous – just the way they should: flaky yet moist, are super yummy and made quick and with no fuss, really! What could be better than this?

What you would need:

  • Bournvillle Dark Chocolate – I take plain cocoa version but fruit and nut tastes good too – 200gm
  • Amul Butter or any salted butter – 150gm
  • Eggs – 3
  • Brown sugar – 200gm
  • Maida/Flour – 110gm
  • A microwave with convection feature

Step-by-step guide:

Melt the butter and chocolate in a glass bowl in microwave. Cool it to room temperature.

Whisk eggs and brown sugar till frothy. I use an electric whisk and since brownies become fluffy by some nice whisking job, this step is essential!

Pour the cooled butter + chocolate mixture into this

Add Maida/Flour

Add walnuts or any other extras that you want (raisins, nuts, choco chips)

Stir till maida/flour gets well-mixed

Pour the mixture into a glass baking tray after buttering the tray so that your precious brownies come out as perfect squares (or rectangles!)

I simply microwave for about 8-10 minutes. You can open the microwave after 8 minutes and insert a toothpick and see if your brownies are ready. If it sticks, try another minute.

And that’s it! You have just baked your brownies from the scratch!

Serve warm with vanilla ice-cream or with hot chocolate sauce or simply on its own! Try any variations and decorations that you want.

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