My Mix for Multigrain atta (Multigrain flour) for everyday use and pssst…weight loss!

Healthier, softer rotis, everyday!

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First of all, thank you all for your love and support so far. Your little messages keep me motivated…and thinking about the next post that I would do ?

When I started on my “Get Fitter” journey a year back, I made many changes in my lifestyle. Be it being a regular to gym or taking multi-vitamins regularly or incorporating many other changes in my diet as well as lifestyle.

I shall now be sharing with you, all these changes that I made, one blog post by one. Please feel free to make these customized as per your needs.

Multigrain Atta/Flour (whole grain)

One very important diet-change I made was, switching from plain wheat flour/atta to wholegrain-multigrain one.  I call it important because it doesn’t need much effort on your part and is very easy to make – hence more effective! And is good for the entire family.

And no, the usual branded “so-called multigrain attas” don’t work because they have so little quantity of multigrain (I wonder how much is actually whole grain of, too) that you would be surprised and wonder if it would ever do you any good. Check the packing if you don’t believe me! Plus, they are so finely processed that they lose most of their nutrients in the process. Better to make your own, I would suggest.

This way you can make sure that it’s truly wholegrain-multigrain not just a mix of useless finely processed multiple grains!

In fact, the wholegrain multigrain mix that I use now makes my rotis softer, lighter and tastier. Its all a win-win for me!

Why Multigrain (wholegrain, mind you)?

The popularity these days of multigrain is mostly because a multigrain mix of two or more grains pack a more variety of nutrients, much more than a single nutrient like wheat. Each grain has its own nutritional value and consuming these can be great for you.

Multigrain is nutritious, wholesome, packed with fibre and aids you in weight loss. Do you need more reasons before you make the switch?

The wholegrain-multigrain mix that I make is a mix of six whole grains.

Why use a whole grain, one might ask?

A whole grain is one which contains all three parts of the kernel – the bran, germ and endosperm while refined grains are processed to retain only the endosperm. This makes whole grains healthier as they contain the fiber-dense bran and other essential nutrients that are not lost due to processing.

So, coming back to the six whole grains that I mix for my multigrain atta are:

  • Wheat – Whole wheat (with fibre-dense bran) is important as it is high on fibre, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Finely processed white wheat atta/flour doesn’t offer same nutritional benefits.
  • Ragi/Nachni/Finger Millet – Whole grain ragi is gluten free, is rich in fibre and helps with weight loss and diabetes. Its packed with calcium, amino acids, good carbs, Vit D etc and is an excellent source of natural iron.
  • Oats – Whole grain oats are packed with protein as well as fibre and are a rich source of magnesium. It is low on fat and super-filling so it helps in weight management. It is diabetic-friendly as it lowers blood sugar levels and reduces risk of heart diseases.
  • Chana/chickpea – gluten free, high on soluble fibre and protein, reduces blood cholesterol, a rich antioxidant and high in folic acid and magnesium, is diabetic friendly.
  • Makai – Especially good for winters though I mix it all year round due to its taste (which I like) and nutrients. It is also gluten free, rich in iron, zinc and vitamin A. It is a good fibre source hence helps in weight loss.
  • Jwari/Jowar/Sorghum Millet – is a rich source of protein, iron, phosphorus and Vit B. It has fibre and it is gluten-free.

Other than these, Rajgira/Amaranth, Buckwheat (known as Kuttu ka aata in India), Barley/Jau, Bajra/Pearl Millet can also be considered and mixed in your multigrain atta. However I have never mixed these in my multigrain atta, yet. If and when I do, will update this post ?

Be careful about your multigrain mix If you are diabetic or have any other medical conditions. Also, if you want gluten-free atta, a multigrain would be ideal for you. You can mix and match as per your requirements.

My Multigrain Mix (whole grain and chakki-made) as of today is:

Indian rotis/chapatis

Wheat – 7 kg

Ragi – 500gm

Oats – 500gm

Chana – 500gm

Maize – 250gm

Jowar – 250gm

It makes a total of 9 kgs in one go. I get my chakki-walla to put all the whole grains together and then grind it all together at medium coarseness.

So, if I have convinced you to make the switch, do let me know. And remember, any medical conditions or allergies, double-check!

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Brownies to the Rescue!

How to make quick delicious brownies in microwave (convection-microwave only)

Brownie recipe (Microwave version)

A very simple and tasty brownie recipe by me. Try it out, the brownies look gorgeous – just the way they should: flaky yet moist, are super yummy and made quick and with no fuss, really! What could be better than this?

What you would need:

  • Bournvillle Dark Chocolate – I take plain cocoa version but fruit and nut tastes good too – 200gm
  • Amul Butter or any salted butter – 150gm
  • Eggs – 3
  • Brown sugar – 200gm
  • Maida/Flour – 110gm
  • A microwave with convection feature

Step-by-step guide:

Melt the butter and chocolate in a glass bowl in microwave. Cool it to room temperature.

Whisk eggs and brown sugar till frothy. I use an electric whisk and since brownies become fluffy by some nice whisking job, this step is essential!

Pour the cooled butter + chocolate mixture into this

Add Maida/Flour

Add walnuts or any other extras that you want (raisins, nuts, choco chips)

Stir till maida/flour gets well-mixed

Pour the mixture into a glass baking tray after buttering the tray so that your precious brownies come out as perfect squares (or rectangles!)

I simply microwave for about 8-10 minutes. You can open the microwave after 8 minutes and insert a toothpick and see if your brownies are ready. If it sticks, try another minute.

And that’s it! You have just baked your brownies from the scratch!

Serve warm with vanilla ice-cream or with hot chocolate sauce or simply on its own! Try any variations and decorations that you want.

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