Diabetes Reversal/Remission

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In this part 3 of Diabetes Series, we have finally come to the question which is on a lot of people’s mind these days. Can diabetes be cured? Can one reverse it? Before we get into that or even along with today’s post, please read the part 1 on Glycemic Index (here) and part 2 on Prediabetes (here) of this series to understand diabetes better, in case you missed them.

The answer is yes, and no. The answer could also have been “that depends”. Depends on what?

As I always say, there are no thumb rules. Neither in nutrition nor when it comes to a human body’s capabilities. The answers always vary from one person to the other. Millets could be good for you or millets could be ‘not’ good for you. Wheat could be good for you or wheat can be ‘not’ good for you…and the list goes on.

Anyways, let’s come back to the topic today.

Remission Is A Better Word

In my opinion, remission is a better word applicable here…rather than cured or reversed. In medical terms, remission means the disease has diminished or disappeared to such a level that the body shows no signs and symptoms of the disease. Without medication.

That is good enough, no! It is like you have reversed the diabetes to such a level where you have no signs/symptoms of it in your body. No medication required anymore either!

However, if one is not careful, it can come back and this ‘coming back’ or the relapse chances remain higher than normal. One requires regular check-ups for diabetes and other associated risks, for life, just to make sure it stays that way.

  • Complete Remission term is applicable when 1 or more year of normal blood glucose levels is achieved, without any medication
  • Prolonged Remission term is applicable when 5 or more years of normal blood-glucose levels are achieved, without any medication

Can Remission Be Done?

First of all, whether it can go into remission or not, depends upon a few factors:

  • Early diagnosis
  • Weight management
  • Diet management
  • Active lifestyle
  • Genetics could play a part too

Many of us do manage to control diabetes adequately even if not reverse it. The medication/insulin dosage or frequency becomes quite low. That is a great achievement too!

How To Do It?             

Diabetes management requires a complete lifestyle evaluation and implementing changes wherever necessary. This includes:

  • Weight management – Being overweight and carrying excess fat especially around abdomen causes our cells to become resistant to hormone insulin hence, losing that extra weight/fat is super important
  • Eating foods low in simple carbohydrates and avoiding sugar. A must read post here on glycemic index
  • Mixing various food groups to create balanced meals/snacks options
  • Having smaller and more frequent meals might help us too
  • Exercise regularly – what form one chooses doesn’t matter as long as one moves and stays active. However, it would require a little more than a casual stroll
  • Move a little post-meals – a little walk post meal would be a great idea
  • Get tested regularly to keep a track of the variations in the sugar-levels as well as associated risks such as cardiac issues, irregular lipid profile, high BP etc

Last but not the least, listen to your doctor/diabetes-specialist and nutritionist. The problems I face when I work with my clients for prediabetes reversal or even blood-sugar level control/management, are only two:

  • “I can’t do this”
  • “I can’t eat this”

The goals that we have in mind need to be in sync with what we can eat and do. If one can’t eat this or do that, keeping the goal realistic is also important. If one is aiming for remission and looking to maintain it life-long, one needs to do whatever needs to be done and eat whatever needs to be eaten.

Hope this post today (and the last two in this series) helped you in some way or the other in understanding diabetes/prediabetes better. It is indeed possible to do a lot of things as our human body has a lot of potential. The question is “are we ready to do it? “.

I wish you best of luck in your journey towards health if you have decided to begin now or if you have already begun. Do join me on Instagram for more and regular updates on various Health, Nutrition, Fitness and Motivation, if you want. DM me on Instagram in case you wish for a personal consultation.


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