Do You Worry About The Majority?

Hi friends, happy Friday!

Today’s post is not about Corona but it is related to it, in a major(-ity) way. Life has thrown all of us an unprecedented curve. We can see very clearly how fragile things stand today. And how devastating it could turn any day, any time again, in future also. It could be a lesson or it could be just the beginning unless we change a few things around.

All of us are waiting for normalcy to return soon. The question is, would it be a new normal or the same? What do you think? Do let me know.

Do you think we would be able to go back to the same old lifestyle of mindless consumption and influenced desires and wants, all created by the marketing-wizs of the world? Could we go back to the same carefree weekend binges and lounging? Would things change in our long-term goals? Would we accept gratefulness as a daily habit and stop comparing and competing?

As for me, the world has already changed a lot. The suddenness of it, the complete halt the virus has brought this world to, has taught me a few things. Changed my perspective along with it, made me understand the fragility of it all. And uselessness of many! My perspective on life started changing a few years back, to be honest but now? Now, with much greater force.

What used to happen in sci-fi movies has happened for real. The ever-mutating virus is like an alien bug, just like in a Hollywood movie and it would destroy the carefree and wasteful human race and make a new world, scarred with the invasion.

Governments would change, new focus areas would emerge, new relationships, new power-shifts globally. For good, I feel. It would be a good time to introduce and incentivize the concepts of ‘green’, ‘healthy’, ‘hygiene’ and ‘conservation of resources’ amongst people, as we start a new beginning.

What about individuals?

I posted a story a few days back on my Instagram account, with a similar question about the new normal. Some of you responded by saying it would change a lot for them and for some, it would go back to earlier ways and not a day sooner.

The responses that made me think (and inspired today’s blog-post) were frustrated kinds. Where people felt that there wouldn’t be any point in changing anything because it would be pointless. That majority would not change and what is even the point!

Because ‘Majority’ would not change and any change would be stalled or rendered ineffective! Majority?

True, a lone person would be alone, frustrated and maybe sometimes, even be made a laughing stock by this so-called ‘majority’. BUT…

  • Do you feel like a part of this “majority”?
  • Do you feel special or blessed, in any way?
  • Do you feel you have above-average intelligence?
  • Do you feel you want the world/people to change for a better tomorrow?
  • Do you feel that anyone would benefit from being more mindful?

If you said yes to any/all of the above questions (no, for first one), you are not majority. And hence, you are not allowed to give the excuse of ‘majority’ to avoid uncomfortable changes. It is your responsibility to start the change even if on a personal level. Because you are, clearly not a part of this ‘majority’!

Well, if you feel like an average person, without anything special or blessings in life…you are a part of the majority and congratulations, you are entitled to your rights to ‘why bother’.

I for one, do not feel a part of the majority and I am going to be even more mindful now, in everything. I am not perfect and I will continue to have flaws and make mistakes…but my new normal would be better – for me, for the humanity and for the planet…for sure. Because I am special and because I can.

Thanks for reading till the end. If you like the thought and it inspired you even in a small way, share it and spread it. Join me on Instagram if you want, for more thoughts, stories and easy process of sharing of it all.

Till next Friday

Namaste, Health and Peace

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