Golden Rule To Great Achievements

Hi Friends

How’s it going? It’s been…I don’t even remember how many days, 70 maybe and though I am eternally grateful for whatever comforts I still have, the food on my plate and the family…I sometimes do feel restless. For the current unforeseen situation…for what it has become…for what we as a society are going through collectively…for the lives and freedom lost and still no sight of an end to this misery.

I started on this Friday’s blog which was supposed to be the part 2 of mindful eating. Do read the Part 1 here if you missed it. Next week, I promise.

So, what to do on the days one doesn’t feel motivated? What can take place of motivation when motivation doesn’t show up? For me, for you and for everyone?

Habit. Habit comes handy on the days when motivation is missing. Motivation can only get us started however habit keep us going. It is indeed very difficult to develop a good habit (that we want) and even more difficult to quit a bad one. Not impossible though!

The Golden Rule Of 21/90

The theory was introduced by Maxwell Maltz in 1950s and there is much research done on this 21/90 rule that says that it takes 21 days to make a habit and 90 days to make it a lifestyle.

Just start something that you always wanted…just hang in there doing it for 21 days and it would become a habit! Not that 21 days won’t be hard but a small price to pay for the habit that we so much want to develop, isn’t it? ?

And if you want to turn this habit into a lifestyle, commit to doing the same thing, to the same goal – for 90 days and it would become your lifestyle and you would never have to worry about it again. An automatic lifelong practice!

How Do We Do it?

We make resolutions and then we try to achieve. Most of us, quit somewhere mid-way before it becomes an integral part of their lives. With time, priorities start changing…sleep takes precedent over a fitness regime or a dream lesson that we started with passion. How to avoid that? How do we commit to life-changing positive habits?

It sounds easy but it isn’t, I won’t lie.  One need to stick to something new and leave her/his comfort zone behind. Of course, our body (and mind) would resist any such thing. It needs strong willpower and mental strength. Some things that help are:

  • It needs proper planning and you regularly need to tell yourself why you have decided to do it. Advance planning on schedules, things needed etc needs to be done
  • One needs to be honest to oneself. No slacking and no cheating for 90 days ?
  • If you don’t feel like doing it, still show up, day after day. Chances are you will feel better for achieving that day’s goal later, each day
  • Think of why you want to do it…find something that reminds you of that “want” all the time. A person fluent in that goal or at least a person who is trying harder than you!
  • A partner or a buddy with the same goal would be great
  • Last and not the least, keep your faith…in yourself. Know that it is difficult but you are capable enough to do it, as long as you keep trying

Before I even knew of the rule, whenever someone asked me how I managed to stay committed to my goal of fitness/writing or how I find the motivation to exercise/eat better/write, day after day…how I stay motivated because it sounds so boring and tiring and all….I always said, just give it 3 months and you would get hooked!

My internal logic was that in 3 months, they would start loving what fitness or eating better would do to them, mind and body both. That feeling of success would start and results start showing. Confidence builds. And nothing motivates you better than success!!

Today, am sure, we all can vouch for it. Many things seemed impossible have become habit today. In the last 70-odd days of corona-induced lockdown, even the chores that I disliked, have become a habit. I was always a reluctant cook but it has become much easier now – physically and mentally. The daily cleaning and mopping is far easier and done quicker as well ?

On days, when motivation feels missing, the habits keep us going because the show must go on…the way we want! And that’s the way it should be.  Try it, works without fail!

Till next Friday

Namaste, Health and Peace