Only You Can Take Care Of Yourself

Hi friends, happy Friday!

How was the week that went by for you? It was alright for me, hectic and a bit contemplative.

Like you, I also am a member to many WhatsApp groups and in one of the groups, I received a forward (of a made-up story, of course) which was about a guy whose spouse died and the caller called him after a few days, to check up on him, to offer condolences and see how he is coping up with the deep void in his life. To this caller’s amazement, the guy seemed to be doing great, playing golf (or something) with buddies while his parents and kids were getting cared for, nicely, by hired helps.

By no means I want this to be taken gender-specific, in any way. Also, this post is not about me and many of you probably won’t be able to relate to what I am saying, however, I will still say it. For those who could relate!

What hit me hard was the fact that it could be true…for anyone. I myself have seen it happen so many times. The world doesn’t stop for anyone…the show must go on and all that. Barring the immediate family members especially the kids, people move on quickly. Beyond a RIP and folded-hands emoji, no one cares for very long. Only a handful would really miss the departed and even those learn to…or are forced to, adapt to the void. Nothing wrong in it and that’s the way it probably should be.

What about the departed? So much for the deeply loved house that one decorated with much care, the family members for whom one sacrificed all personal hobbies and even own health, the sacrifices one made, the time we never found for ourselves because we were needed somewhere else…for someone else, the job that required all our attention, the boss who couldn’t let us take an off even for a day (and we agreed) and all that money in the bank account!!

And this feels even truer for non-earning member of the family. We might think we are indispensable but no-one is, I guess. The show does really go on…or have to!!

By no means am I preaching selfishness/shunning our responsibilities for our own fun and frolic! We each have to play our part to the best of our abilities.

The point I am trying to make here is that while we are busy taking care of the entire world, let us take a couple of hours for ourselves too. This ‘me-time’ should be non-negotiable. People who really care for us won’t ever grudge us these couple hours, even if slightly inconvenient for them. Like we don’t grudge theirs! Do we?

This post doesn’t mean to be a ‘this-is-a-sad-reality’ kind of post either. This one is supposed to be a wake-up call to all of us who think the world would stop if they took even 30 minutes out for health’s (physical and mental) sake! I personally won’t consider screen-time (i.e. time spent in front of a screen such as mobile, laptop or TV) as me-time as neither it helps one in connecting with oneself nor it helps in our overall health improvement goals.

I am sure you can figure this out…you probably already know it all. As for me and if that helps, I don’t take afternoon naps and don’t watch any TV at all, to accommodate everything in a day. My sleep duration is 6 hours on an average and on weekends, a little more.

In the end, all I would say is we need, man or woman, to connect with ourselves…to become stronger and more confident in ourselves…being responsible for ourselves and taking care of our health and fitness, physical and mental.

Let us accept that we have only one life in this life and that we have got to live it to the fullest, being kind to ourselves yes, but being responsible for ourselves too.

Do let me know your thoughts on this one. Also, join me on Instagram as I am trying to grow my Insta-family and would really appreciate your support 🙂

Till next Friday

Love, Health & Peace

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