Starting a fitness regime post pregnancy or post a c-sec (caesarian surgery)

  • As a generation, we are all becoming a little more aware of fitness and benefits of eating more of healthy food and less of junk. Worldwide cult fast food companies have been forced to increase the nutritional value of their products and many now disclose the calories and other nutrition info on the packaging too!

Sadly, very few of my female friends are actively following a fitness regime. Some do but most don’t. And the reasons are mostly either of the below:

  1. Just no time! What with in-laws and kids, where is the time?
  2. Arre I am good as it is, I am healthy…who likes skinny people anyways?
  3. I am from a well-do-do family, should look the part, no?
  4. Yeah, yeah…my husband goes every day.
  5. I’ll start soon!
  6. I had a c-sec (or two), how can I now?
  7. Working out post-pregnancy? It’s not possible, period.
  8. Hmmm…never thought about it at all!
  9. It’s all a waste, a time-pass, just some snobbish fashion!

Friends, nothing and definitely these above-written excuses can stop you if you really want! Just start!

Once you start and stuck it out for first month, you wont need anything else! Fitness is self-sustainable and very soon there would be a day when you would see the transformation in yourself, mind, body and soul and you will keep going back for more!

Give it a year and you would feel incomplete if you skip the gym even for a day !

After my first pregnancy:

I felt overweight after my first baby (a c-sec), I wanted to get back in shape and I didn’t want to stay unhealthy just because I gave birth to a beautiful girl! That should be the reason rather for me to be back in my old clothes…after all, we were going to be best friends soon!

I started working out in a neighborhood gym once my DD1 was 2 years old and I finally finished weaning her off slowly but surely! I worked-out for almost an year, but nothing major happened. It was my first time to active work-outs and I had no idea. Then, we decided to have our second one and I quit gym thinking it would be unsafe to work-out while pregnant.

Meanwhile my younger sister one day asked me to come for a gym tour as she herself wanted to join one, to start on her journey to fitness. I went with her on the gym-tour to a nearby reputed gym. I was heavily pregnant then and I found the place very expensive and told myself that I would re-start at the neighborhood gym once I deliver the second one and wean her off too.

2 years later:

When the time came another 2 years later, I was already craving some new adventure. I thought gymming would be boring and to try my hands at something new, I found a kickboxing class not too far away. Those classes proved to be a turning-point for me! I lost a few kgs, felt more energetic than ever. I tasted blood, well figuratively!! Kickboxing gave me the discipline and initial inspiration to get fitter and get stronger.

Thank you Amar, my kickboxing trainer….the way he pushed us, the way he passionately trained us was an eye-opener! I ran and jumped and skipped and panted and stretched…and punched and kicked!

 It was physically draining but the excitement of pushing myself and of learning the martial-art kept me going. After 6 months, much stronger from when I began, I could feel the difference. Not only was I stronger, I lost a few kilos and my confidence boosted. My energy levels and my pain-threshhold both much higher, I wanted to carry on with kickboxing after 7 months but I noticed that my sister was doing even better as she already spent last 2 years in gym, slumming it out.

I joined the gym with her soon after and worked out for almost one year. She helped me and taught me the basics at gym but again nothing much happened. I was stuck at a certain weight plateau and nothing was happening.

After the first year I renewed my membership and got one-month of PT (personal training) complementary with it. This is when I started seeing results! My PT, Vinayak made me work as hard as Amar, kept me on my toes and here I am today! Not perfect but pushing weights like never before, feeling my strongest ever and in the best shape ever too! Back to my pre-pregnancy weight and this time, fit in true sense with muscles and the strength I never knew existed in me ? And after two c-secs! Mommie power!!

Friends, especially the mommies who are reading it….you can do it too…just start, read a bit online, hire a trainer and see the difference! Trust me, its worth it and you are worth it!

PT is expensive but so are doctors and hospitals. And once you feel the energy in your mind and body and am not exaggerating, your soul…fitness would become a way of life!

I see so many fit and/or trying to stay fit senior citizens and other homemakers in the gym. They truly inspire me to work harder. Once you too see them, interact with them…you’ll be hooked! So grab your shoes and your sipper and start….as a bonus, make new friends along the way and get some ‘me-time’ to keep you sane !

Did you like my story? Share your fitness stories with me, I would love to know. Also, if you have any questions, ask me and I would answer to the best of my experience!

A few tips for Gym-beginners :

  1. Find a good, reputed spacious gym with good lighting and good music.
  2. Hire a trainer! It is expensive but totally worth it! You can work-out with a trainer with first 3-6 months and then once you learn the machines, the form….do it on your own if you want!
  3. Get new work-out clothes (read: link-my fav workout gear) and shoes for yourself. They are not very expensive these days and you would already feel upbeat and ready to go once you wear the new gym-gear! Nothing like some retail-therapy to prep you up, I say!
  4. Just go, promise yourself to be regular and just go
  5. Go even if all you plan to do 15 minutes of treadmill

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You’ld love this writer’s work on Wattpad: Robert Thier

Rob Their, the much-loved historian and writer

One of my favorite Wattpad writers is Robert Their (pronounced like tear). He is a German historian and his novels and stories are mostly historical, hilarious and addictive! The way he makes the past come alive is amazing and his fans fondly call him Sir Rob.

My favorite series of his books is award-winning ‘Storm and Silence’ series.

Total 5 books in series

Its set in 19th – century London where women were expected to play no active roles in politics and aren’t allowed to work either. Dependency on males in the family is expected and encouraged. All they need to do is find a suitable husband and look pretty. The series has got a charismatic hero Mr. Rikkard Ambrose and a feisty, freedom-loving heroine Lilly Linton. The book is hilarious yet powerful and I just love the awesome rebel that female character of Lilly is.

It won the People’s Choice Award and the Story of the Year Award many times. And the best part is, you can read it for free on Wattpad! Go on many adventures with cold and powerful Mr. Ambrose and our feisty, independent Lilly. I bet you would finish the series in one go ?

  1. Storm and Silence
  2. In the Eye of Storm
  3. Silence is Golden
  4. Silence Breaking
  5. Hunting for Silence
  6. Storm of Bells – still writing and updates every Wednesday on Wattpad

If you prefer to read your books in paper, the books are now available on Amazon India too!

Another series of his that I love and which actually taught me a lot about medieval warfare more than any history book, is ‘The Robber Knight’. Not just a great writer Robert Thier is a great researcher too!

There are three books in this series i.e. it’s a trilogy

  1. The Robber Knight
  2. The Robber Knight’s love
  3. The Robber Knight’s Secret

Which are your favorite book-series? Do let me know.

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My favourite gym-wear

Why is it important to choose the right workout-wear? Because other than looking and feeling chic and comfortable, it also helps you in your fitness regime.

Not just your confidence, they boost your performance truly.

Under Armour Women’s sports tights

What the Brand Says:

Locked-in UA compression fit makes you feel more powerful. Super-light heat gear fabric delivers superior coverage without weighing you down. Material wicks sweat and dries really fast. 4-way stretch construction moves better in every direction. Anti-odor technology prevents the growth of odor-causing microbes. Ergonomic flatlock seams deliver a comfortable, chafe-free fit. Super-soft elastic waistband with interior wordmark.

Composition: 87% polyester and 13% elastane

Try this link to read more about it or buy it:

My Verdict:

Capri-style, good fit, soft, comfortable, stretches well, stays put well, the broad belt doesn’t get loose or slide down, keeps your tummy contained. Me love!

Brownies to the Rescue!

How to make quick delicious brownies in microwave (convection-microwave only)

Brownie recipe (Microwave version)

A very simple and tasty brownie recipe by me. Try it out, the brownies look gorgeous – just the way they should: flaky yet moist, are super yummy and made quick and with no fuss, really! What could be better than this?

What you would need:

  • Bournvillle Dark Chocolate – I take plain cocoa version but fruit and nut tastes good too – 200gm
  • Amul Butter or any salted butter – 150gm
  • Eggs – 3
  • Brown sugar – 200gm
  • Maida/Flour – 110gm
  • A microwave with convection feature

Step-by-step guide:

Melt the butter and chocolate in a glass bowl in microwave. Cool it to room temperature.

Whisk eggs and brown sugar till frothy. I use an electric whisk and since brownies become fluffy by some nice whisking job, this step is essential!

Pour the cooled butter + chocolate mixture into this

Add Maida/Flour

Add walnuts or any other extras that you want (raisins, nuts, choco chips)

Stir till maida/flour gets well-mixed

Pour the mixture into a glass baking tray after buttering the tray so that your precious brownies come out as perfect squares (or rectangles!)

I simply microwave for about 8-10 minutes. You can open the microwave after 8 minutes and insert a toothpick and see if your brownies are ready. If it sticks, try another minute.

And that’s it! You have just baked your brownies from the scratch!

Serve warm with vanilla ice-cream or with hot chocolate sauce or simply on its own! Try any variations and decorations that you want.

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And don’t forget to let me know how it all went ?

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