Part 2: How To Fix Gut-Health

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Today’s post is going to be a small one for two reasons – one, I have a test due in the next couple of days. If you remember, I am currently pursuing an advance course in nutrition from a renowned American institute which once completed in next 5 months, would enable me to work professionally as a “Health Consultant“. I very much look forward to work with my clients on their overall health, strength, fitness & nutrition! And if you want a flat belly or even abs…at whatever age, gender and even after multiple pregnancies, we can work on it too! As long as you are ready to put some work in it 🙂

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Second, my last post on Part 1: gut-health, covered most of what I wanted to say on this certain topic. If you missed it, do read it first here. It would talk about why is taking care of gut-health important…some facts that would convince you to do so if you are not doing it already…how to know if your gut is healthy (or unhealthy)…what causes the imbalance etc

The good news is that it does not require a lot of effort on your part to take care of gut-health. It generally takes care of itself if you are taking care of your diet and health in general which we should any which way. If you are physically active and follow a good, balanced diet…your body is self-equipped to take care of its gut-health, on its own.

However, if you smoke or have been on antibiotics a lot…or feel your diet isn’t good enough…or going through some sort of stress…. or already have some symptoms of unhealthy gut (refer last post for these), worry not. If you are willing to make a change, it is easy and takes only a 2-4 weeks to get your gut-health back to good, to a lot of extent!

What Can I Do To Fix My Gut?

Before you read further, do know that it is not a choice or ‘pick a few’. We need to follow most of the below-mentioned points, to the best of our capabilities:

  • Eat well – Eat whole grains, whole fresh fruits and veggies (with peel/skin whenever possible), nuts, beans etc. Fermented foods are good for gut-health too e.g. kefir, sauerkraut, miso, kimchi, kombucha, tempeh, plain yogurt or even our own curd! And foods rich in polyphenols (micronutrients from plant-based foods) such as cocoa, broccoli, green tea, almonds, blueberries etc. Eating food slowly and chewing it well, helps too
  • Limit sugar and processed foods – Not only are these bad for our health in general, these also cause gut-imbalance. Even artificial sweeteners! Keep your diet high in fibre for friendly bacteria to thrive
  • Maintain good dental hygiene – There is a direct link between good dental hygiene and our gut health. So, apart from daily brush/floss, it is important to get regular dental check-ups done. Bacteria from our mouth can get into our stomach and cause harm
  • Stay physically active – One way or the other, you gotta do it!
  • Avoid smoking – not just our lungs and heart, smoking is injurious to our gut-flora also
  • Drink alcohol moderately  
  • Stay hydrated – Drink around 3 litres of water a day as it helps intestinal mucosal lining. Check my previous post on hydration, if you want
  • Sleep adequate– Get enough sleep, not less than 6-7 hours a day. One can always seek medical advice if sleep still evades
  • Bust stress – Easy said than done but let’s try our best! Getting proper sleep, going slow on caffeine, staying active physically, a healthy diet and meditation etc help generally. Spending more time with family, friends and pets or doing what one loves is helpful too
  • Take a probiotic and a prebiotic – Other than foods already mentioned in point 1 and 2, one can take probiotic and prebiotic supplements, if needed. In case you wish to know more about probiotics and prebiotics, do read the previous posts at the hyperlinks. For natural sources of prebiotics, add bananas, onions, garlic, chicory, peas, beans, legumes and whole grains to the diet
  • Avoid taking unnecessary antibiotics – We do tend to take antibiotics at the smallest ailment, don’t we? Thankfully, most doctors today too, advise and prescribe non-antibiotic treatments

Hope you liked today’s post. See you next Friday! Do join me on Instagram on the link below for more such health/nutrition related stories and trivia.

Love, Health & Peace

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