Personality Traits (MBTI): Take This Quiz And Explore Yourself!

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How was your last week?  Mine was spent playing nurse…yeah, literally….to my elder one. She got a major case of tonsillitis and had to skip school and all other activities, for the entire week. So, between Calpol, tissues, cold-compresses and tears…well, to cut it short, am glad the worst is over!

Anyways, now that the tension at the borders is relaxed, this week’s post is fun…a super-interesting one! Remember, I hinted about it a post back here?

So, hands up if you know a certain Linda Goodman? Nah, not personally just, you know, know…by her book?

You know what the Valentine’s Day reminds me of most? Linda Goodman!! Remember that blue-coloured little book which told you ALL about a person as long as you knew his/her birthday (aka zodiac sign)!

I am sure all of us have a dog-eared, much-referred Linda Goodman lying somewhere among our old books still. Among my friend-group, it was a much-coveted reference book and it kept on rotating from one friend to other.

When my other-half proposed to me long back, you already know what I did? Yes, you are right! I went on to know more about him eventually, as we dated, but between us (wink…wink), I knew more about him than he ever said. How? Because Linda told me!

So, got a crush? Find the zodiac sign, whip out the good ol’ Linda Goodman and know everything about the guy/girl! Would like to brag about yourself? Quote Linda Goodman! Wanna know your future? Same trusted Linda Goodman. Wanna know about your future love? Who else but Linda Goodman would tell you all that you wanted to know and some more!

Oh, those were the days when the book helped with our past, present and the future 😊. How I treasured the book! It was fun, and worked to a lot of extent, must say. In a much broader sense but still. Do you agree?

Recently, while reading online, I came across another concept, based not on zodiac signs but a much more concrete base i.e. your personality traits. I took the test and I turned out to be an ENFJ and when I explored ENFJs more, I was spooked a couple times!

Damn! Carl Jung knew more about me than myself!! On Quora, I read many ENFJs and found our minds works really the same, in certain situations! Nor a thumb-rule but still!

Modern psychological researches find personality types too restrictive a concept. In a way it is. However, these are still used many a times by corporates and career counsellors, to understand a person’s strong suits and to optimize the potential one has.

Arguably, the most famous of these is the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI).

The MBTI was constructed by Katharine Cook Briggs and her daughter Isabel Briggs Myers. A questionnaire based on the work of early psychologist Carl Jung sorts people into categories based on four areas: sensation (S), intuition (N), feeling (F) and thinking (T), as well as extroversion (E) and introversion (I).

Sensing is about how you read the world around you whether through solid facts (sensing) or emotional feelings (intuition). Thinking and feeling is about how you make a decision – logical or from your heart.

MBTI is based on how people choose to interact with the world around them. The system further identifies 16 personality types based on a combination of four of the categories, leading to descriptions such as ISTP, ENFP, ESFJ, etc.

In short:

I is for Introverted – someone who draws her/his energy by time alone

N is for Intuitive – someone who focuses on ideas and concepts rather than facts and details

T is for Thinking – someone who makes decisions based on logic and reason

J is for Judging – someone who prefers to be planned and organized rather than spontaneous and flexible

F is for Feeling – someone who makes decisions based on feelings and values

P is for Perceiving – someone who prefers to be spontaneous and flexible rather than planned and organized

E is for Extroverted – someone who is energized by time spent with others

S is for Sensing – someone who focuses on facts and details rather than ideas and concepts

source: Wikipedia

And while you have fun and maybe discover something new, don’t forget that this is not a “Truth Test”. There is no such thing as a Good Personality Type or a Bad Personality Type. Neither does it measure nor predict someone’s behaviour.

Also, if someone lacks a clarity of her/his own preferences, they might show different type characteristics.

Anyways, now that the disclaimer is written, take the test here:

Hope you enjoyed taking the test! Hope you explored yourself some more today! Hope you liked this post!

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  1. Can I link this post? It’s really good advice worth passing on! My friends will find value in this too.

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