Quiz Alert: Know Yourself Some More

Hi Friends, have a safe Friday and the rest of the week (and the months…)!

When I started writing this post, I was clear I wanted it to be a light-read, even fun-read. In my whatsapp groups and on Facebook/Instagram , lots of people are throwing fun/fitness/bingo/saree challenges and posting riddles. It keeps many of us busy, connected socially and helps us in staying sane in this difficult time. Join me on Instagram on this link:


Lots of people are working “hard”, even late in the night, to meet these challenges and solves these mind-benders. Many of us, for the first time in adult-life probably, have so much time on hand!

The crisis seems to be deepening and there seems to be no end as of now BUT we all are doing all that we can. Let’s just focus on being positive and find as much happiness as we can ?

So today, not much of a blog but a quiz link for you. I found this online yesterday and I took it. Found it pretty accurate and interesting hence, though of sharing ?

We all have taken a pause in life, intentionally or unintentionally. This quiz would be fun no doubt but maybe, also help you in knowing yourself some more…like how it did to me!


Before I leave you to solve the quiz and maybe think about yourself, do read this post here too (and take the quiz). I posted it a long while back and it is based on Myers Briggs (MBTI) concept of 16 types of personalities, based on the works of Carl Jung. Super-interesting and super-accurate!

And here is another one (read here), again from a previous post. It tells you whether you are an Extrovert or an Introvert or an Ambivert. Its just perfect! ?

Have fun and stay home (indoors), stay safe!

Till next Friday

Namaste (no hugs still), Health and Peace

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