Salt: Good or Bad?

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How are you all? Have you started calling your helps back? I am thinking of calling one of my helps who works exclusively at my place, for a couple of hours every day. It has been 7 months without them but now that my classes are starting from tomorrow, I need more free time to read and study.

I already have a Diploma in Health & Nutrition but from long back. I feel it is a bit obsolete now and to acquire new skills and insight, am starting this foundation+advanced program in nutrition from a prestigious international institute. I hope that one day soon, I will be able to help you in your fitness journey professionally. I can’t even begin to describe what proper nutrition can do to our mind, body and soul!! Not to count our genes!!!

But more on that some other time. Right now, just wish me luck! 🙂

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When anyone first starts her/his fitness journey, she/he is advised to reduce processed-sugar intake. And it’s right also. Such sugar means empty calories and it does way more harm than any good whatsoever.

What we should also reduce while we are at it, is our salt-intake as well. No, this doesn’t mean we start eating bland food!

It’s just that the processed food and junk food is so high in salt that we overshoot our daily salt intake recommendation. Salt is present in almost all processed food whether you taste it or not!

By no means, I want to imply that salt is as bad as sugar. Our body would do just fine without any additional sugar but salt is vital for it! We definitely do not need to cut it off completely from our diets…unlike sugar.


Pink salt, Black salt, Himalayan salt etc might carry a little more trace minerals but in the end, it is all salt. Thinking that it won’t be harmful to consume more of these, is not correct!

What Is Salt?

Salt is NaCl (sodium chloride) which contains 40% sodium and rest of 60% is chlorine. Generally, we use salt and sodium word as one and the same.

Is Salt Good or Bad?


Our body uses salt to maintain balance of fluids and regulate blood pressure. It works as an important electrolyte for us. It is also needed for various muscular and nervous functions.

Salt is important but too much consumption is not good at all.

Many dietary guidelines recommend that we do not eat more than 5 gms of salt in a day which is equivalent to one teaspoon. Most of us consume almost double of it every day though. From the salt that we put in our food and salads…from ketchup to chips, dips and pickles…from the snacks we eat with tea and the salt we put in our fruits in the form of chaat masalas! Even cheese!

Eating too little salt also can be bad for us. Best is to eat a diet rich in whole, unprocessed foods and adequately flavor what we cook. No harm in that and no need to eat tasteless meal!

However, people who already have blood-pressure concerns, kidney ailments, heart issues or diabetes etc would do well to keep their salt intake in check. A normal healthy person with a balanced diet would get by just fine but if you are already prone to these medical issues, best reduce your intake.

Less of processed food is good for everyone though, by default. Reading the food-labels is a great habit too.

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