Diets That Won’t Work

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Let me ask you something. We keep talking about one diet or other when we talk about weight loss. We use a word called “fad diet”. Do you know what the term “fad” means? Can you feel the negative connotations behind the word “fad”?

A fad is something trendy, fast and fashionable but it goes away as quickly. Why do you think a lot of people are very much inclined to follow a “fad diet” when they finally decide to lose weight? And hopefully not just lose it but lose it in a healthy way! If you fall severely sick, you would lose a lot of weight but would it be healthy? Is there even a point in losing weight and doing yourself more harm than good in the process….and getting it all back sooner than later?

I am sure everyone knows the answer but many of us, rather than changing our lifestyle and adopting healthy habits, choose to go easier way by gladly suffering through “fad” diets and useless supplements/products that come with it. Though slightly better than people who want to do nothing about their unhealthy lifestyle!

Today all I want to do is talk about such diets in general and not really get into details of one particular one.

What Is A Fad Diet?

There isn’t any fixed definition of a fad diet. There are so many diets out there – with different approaches, different set of rules, different outcomes! But, they all have a few things in common:

  • a fad diet is the “in” health trend currently
  • it promises a quick fix
  • implies a quick, huge weight loss if you follow it
  • is silent about most of the repercussions or long-term effects
  • but, would warn you against another product or diet
  • is almost always controversial….with experts divided on its pros and cons
  • almost too good to be true but a logic behind it – that sounds very scientific
  • eliminates one or more of the five food groups
  • many a times promotes a certain ‘miracle’ food or way

Some examples of fad diets are – Atkins diets, Keto diet, Paleo diet, South Beach diet, Intermittent Fasting (works if put in use, correctly), Macrobiotic diet, Blood Group diet, Detox diet, Cabbage Soup diet, Bollywood diet and even a Feeding Tube diet! Then there are Raw Food diet, HMR diet, Werewolf diet…it gets even crazier if you want the whole list.

Why Fad Diets Don’t Work

To be honest, most of them DO work. Initially. That’s how they become popular! However, unless there is a medical reason involved, most of the diets don’t work over a long period of time. Why?

  • The no#1 reason is that they mostly are not sustainable. They need a lot of attention and focus hence, over a long period of time they become boring or unsustainable
  • Another reason is that most of the fad diets promote a way that is not natural for our human bodies. Many of them simulate a certain process or reaction in our bodies to work and generally, it’s not the natural way
  • They are nutritionally flawed since most of them eliminate one food group or the other
  • Overdoing on one part of nutrition and focusing on excess of another, can lead to other health complications in long run
  • Diets need to be personalized as per your physical needs and should take care of your lifestyle in consideration. Everybody is different and their needs are different. Just because it worked for someone somewhere, there is no guarantee it would work for you too

Nothing beats the combination of good lifestyle habits, some physical routine and a good balanced diet. There is no easy way. Even if you lose tons of weight on a fad diet initially (which motivates most of us in the beginning)…there never would be any guarantee that it won’t come back (and more of it!) once you stop.

It’s always better to listen to your body and stop looking for a miracle cure or diet. Food can be super-simple and food can be super-complicated, if misused. A healthy, balanced one is the best diet!

Adding a physical routine would boost up your metabolism, would be beneficial for your bones and joint. Would give you the strength. Lifestyle changes would keep you healthy forever and food could be your best friend – fun and caring both! Give it a try!

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