Skin Troubles? Dull skin? Ageing Skin? Want to try something really effective?

To be honest, am new to Dermalogica. To be honest, I am new to almost all the skincare brands and products! An year back, a sunscreen and a toner was all I had! A random face-pack too, maybe! For many years, plain multani mitti (Fuller’s earth) was all I had, even for a pace-pack.

I have oily-combination skin and I even tend to forget sunscreen many times ☹. I get a few random zits on my face (nose to be precise) sometimes and the same finicky nose gets tons of blackheads too!

However, some good habits (more on those some other time), aloe vera gel and a top-secret formula (all mine) have saved me from any major skin problems till date. Nope, today’s post is not about this top-secret formula! Sorry to disappoint but it is going to be a secret for some more time. It is super-simple but for some other time, honey! Show me some love on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram…and maybe, I would tell ?

So far, my skincare regime has been simple…very simple in fact but lately, I have started to feel that my skin needs a little outside help, especially the blackheads on nose and the hydration part too. I do use nose-strips from time to time however the blackheads do come back soon, like pesky mosquitoes!

It does become a little difficult to manage your skin as you cross 30! Especially when no creams/moisturizers suit you. Trust me, I have used a few face-creams/moisturizers from premium to luxury brands but none of the creams/moisturizers worked for me! Saved me some money, it sure did!!

Some 8-9 months back, I stumbled upon a few products from a premium skincare brand, for my nightly skincare regime which suited my oily-sensitive skin. They are perfect for me (but more on those later!) however, the blackheads on nose are stubborn. Thus, started my search for a product which would help me in controlling or who knows, eliminate these tiny black pests.

I came across this Dermalogica product that promises to do the job but I have been using it only for a few days now….so far, so good! I’ll do a post on it IF I find it any good. My own Guinea pig, as I say!

Neha and yours truly: no filters, I swear!

However, after researching Dermalogica as a brand so much, I became curious and asked Neha if she had been using any of its products.

As I said in another post a few days back, Neha is more, so much more into skincare and is always in quest for uber-effective skincare products. She has super-sensitive skin and has been using another product from Dermalogica too. When I asked for her opinion on Dermalogica product that I have started using recently…she told me to go ahead and try it. Told me that she has been using another product and the price has been worth it.

Well, it is an expensive brand! Had to double-check!! 😉

Anyways, since she recommended it highly and I am new to the brand, I asked Neha to do a video-review for you lovely people and here we are. As I have said, ask me anything other than legal and medical concerns…and even if I can’t help, will point you to the right direction…hopefully! I am resourceful like that ?. I am an ENFJ, after all! Oh, more on these personality types too, later! Super interesting and more accurate than Linda Goodman, I say! I promise to share more on that, soon. Am so excited for it, already!

Do you have something interesting, to share with me? A tried and tested (on yourself only) blackhead removal trick or a remedy, other than nose strips, maybe? Please share, pretty please!

Do drop a comment or a message…till then, enjoy the review and do let me know if you have ever used this one and how was your experience?

Neha on her power-packed Dermalogica masque: self-paid BTW!

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