Never A Bad Time To Start

Hi friends, happy Friday! How is it all going?

Hope you all have finally adjusted and settled down somewhere between the pandemic-related anxiety and the courage to re-start the life, though of course, with due adaptation to the new normal.

I have, I guess. Though we still take care to sanitize everything, to wash hands frequently, to wearing the masks when out, we still order most things online and the online-schooling isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, I am sure. However now, the kids go down to play, the office is open and client-meetings have started in person!

A fresh breather came in the form of me starting my gym-routine again, finally. Though, it has been hard starting from ground-50 (I totally made that term up!)…once again sweating, panting, pushing, pulling…gradually increasing the reps and weights…even if at half the strength and endurance.

From what was a hard-earned good level of strength-training for me, to falling back and beginning again from ‘mid-way’ levels – has been almost disappointing. Oh no! It didn’t take me by surprise, I anticipated it but still.

Nonetheless, I am happy to be back. Not complaining a bit! I am not starting from ground zero and I am making quick progress. The hard-work hasn’t gone all waste!

So, why am I saying all this to you? How does it matter to you what happens with me?

Let me tell you why. I would be a super-rich woman if I get 100/- for every time someone told me that the reason that they don’t go to the gym (or do anything for health/fitness, for that matter) is because they “know” that the moment they stop, it all comes back…the weight usually!

They say it because they haven’t figured it out, yet! They say it because they haven’t started, yet!

If they ever start, they would learn the truth quickly. And the truth is that you never go back completely…your hard work is never wasted…your recovery the next time is much faster. And it’s never a bad time to start!

Once you get used to any fitness regime or eating healthy foods, you can never go back. Your body won’t let you!

It pays tremendously to be fit and healthy! You would not only feel less tired but calmer mentally! The joints would pain less and the back would be stronger. You would be able to run with your kids/dog much more and the sleep would be more peaceful. Not to mention the BP, sugar levels and osteoporosis…all under control.

So when are you starting? Someone who is at least making an effort or has started…is already way ahead of someone who is still busy finding excuses. Do start soon. And do join me on Instagram for little tips on health, nutrition and motivation, everyday.

Till next Friday

Love, Health & Peace

Weight Management With Mindful Eating

Hi friends, hope all is good at your end! happy Friday!!

This is the second and last part of ‘Mindful Eating’ series. Mindful eating can also be called meditation with food, and rightly so. It’s not very complicated and far, far easier than actual meditation. And definitely, more delicious for one! Do read the part one here, in case you missed it.

I too have binge-eaten a lot in past. If I was eating a packet of cookies, I’ll finish most of the packet in one go. If I liked something, I ate multiple servings of it. It was for the taste and probably the addiction to sugar. I had a sweet-tooth and sweets, desserts, cookies, ice-cream, thandai, flavoured milks and other baked delicacies were my weakness.

It happened automatically to me but thankfully, I noticed the changes. With house in chaos always, with two little ones running and fighting and the Other Half fond of running TV debates on high volume, I eventually resorted to eating in my kitchen, for some quiet time ?

It helped – eating in peace, I mean. I paid attention to my food.

Mindful eating is definitely achievable and is way better than any fad-diets which are never sustainable, in longer run. What makes mindful eating even better is the fact that it coordinates mind and body, just like a good meditation session.

Mindful eating is eating with awareness so that we understand what our body is craving at a point of time and to eat accordingly. To understand when to stop eating and to realize what really satisfies us when it comes to food. And to truly enjoy each bite of our food.


It Involves

  • Eating in quiet, peaceful surroundings, without external distractions
  • Eating slowly
  • Understanding body’s hunger cues – knowing when to eat and when to stop eating
  • To dissociate food with anxiety and moods
  • Thoroughly enjoying each bite and to feel various texture, smells and flovours
  • Knowing what we eat is how we feel
  • Being grateful for the food and the health it brings


  • Once you start practicing mindful eating, you start understanding your body better and once you understand your body better, you start understanding the value of nutrition
  • You get a better control on your eating habits
  • And this in turn, not just provide assistance in weigh issues, eating disorders etc but also makes you feel better

It is not about a diet or even diet-control. This one is all about eating and the pleasure of it, in our bodies and mind! To see which foods make us happy and healthier, both! At times, we all overeat and then feel like crap, bloated and unhappy for a long while…wishing we never ate that junk or at least ate in control, don’t we?

To realize that itself, is one level achieved. To realize what we eat affects our feelings and our moods, is a lot of progress already.

What could be better than being able to manage weight issues and eating disorders, WITH eating? We just learn to listen to what our body is telling us and eat. The main thing here is to listen. Not easy but not hard either.

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Till next Friday

Namaste, Health and Peace