To Peel Or Not To Peel The Mighty Apple

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This time, I am not going to ask how was your week that went by? Because if you ask me in return how mine was, I’ll start howling. Yes, so bad! No helps – endless chores and deadlines, school-work, the elder one got a finger fractured and the house a constant WWE ring (as usual)! Why? Two kids, duh!

One small achievement for the week was that my elder one started eating apples with their red skin/peel. Is it a big achievement? You might ask. It is for me, as with this, she has begun to understand the nutritional value of food beyond the taste part. Catch them young, I say!

Have I got you wondering what is so exciting about eating apples with their peels? Peels are rich in lot of nutrients – vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and most importantly, fiber. The amount of these nutrients varies from one fruit/veggie to another but the fact is, peels are sometimes, the most nutritious parts of a plant, let alone the fruit.

What Is The Big Deal With Peels?

Unless hard, hard to clean, bitter or inedible (e.g. pineapple, melons, onions, citrus fruits etc.), peels are nutrient-dense and should be consumed along with the pulp. They are super-rich in:

  • Fiber – Peels are fiber-dense. Consuming fiber along with the pulp would keep you full for long
  • Antioxidants – Antioxidants are concentrated in peels and removing peels may significantly reduce the antioxidant-content of the produce

Why Do People Peel Veggies and Fruits?

  • First reason is always, taste
  • Out of habit
  • The outer skins might contain traces of pesticides or wax, as in the case of mighty apple

Honestly, it all depends from fruit/veggie to fruit/veggie. Some are good with peels, some not. I am going to talk about only “Apple” today.

Apple: Did You Know?

A raw apple with skin contains up to 332% more vit K, 142% more vit A, 115% more vit C, 20% more calcium and up to 19% more potassium.

If you peel an apple. You lose one third of fiber, all of the folate, half of the iron and most of its vit E and K.

Benefits of Eating Your Apple With Peel:

  • The biggest advantage is the fiber, of which about 77% is insoluble and helps you in relieving constipation etc. Also, the fiber keeps you full for long and helps in weight management
  • Second is the precious antioxidants (27.5%) – Vit E and flavonoids which neutralize free radicals and keep us healthy on cellular level

If you are worried about the pesticides etc that might be present on the apple skin, here is what you can do.

While Buying:

  • Buy locally-produced apples which are generally not waxed or buy non-waxed apples rather than bright-red imported versions
  • Buying certified organic produce is a good option though it is a little more expensive and unless duly certified, there is no guarantee

While Consuming:

  • Wash apples with clean, washed hands
  • Wash your apples under a cool running tap then rub and wipe clean with a clean cloth/paper napkin, before consuming. This would remove dirt, bacteria and other microbes from the apples as well as wax and most of the pesticides/chemicals etc.
  • Avoid washing apples with hot water as it can increase the contamination penetration
  • Do not wash the apples with regular soaps or dishwash soaps either
  • Washing them with a mix of baking soda and water is also highly effective. Leave apples in this solution for 12-15 minutes, rinse with running cold water and wipe clean, before consuming
  • Wash preferably before consuming as storing wet produce harbors bacteria
  • I have also seen ads for a gadget that uses ozone and claims to clean all traces of pesticides etc. from the veggies and fruits. Anyone who tried that? Any first-hand reviews? Do share please!

In the end, the decision to peel or not depends solely upon you. I have chosen not to peel my apples however I dip them in baking-soda solution and rinse with cold running water, just before consuming!

Hope you liked today’s post. Do share with your family and friends. Everyone deserves to make informed decisions ?

Till next Friday

Hugs, Health and Peace

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