Weight Issues in Pandemic Times?

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A few days ago, I did a poll on my Instagram story about how many from my Instagram family are unhappy about their weight gain specifically during this pandemic. There were many reverts about weight gain concerns and a lot of people were not sure about how to manage this weight gain.

Most of the people who were still physically active in some way are doing better and were stable – though some were struggling despite it all.

The situation for the people who for one reason or the other, were not as physically active, was quite unsatisfactory. Many were unhappy about it and it is understandable.

As per a report I was reading last week, around 22% adults in India have gained a significant amount of weight during this pandemic.

There could be many reasons that spoiled someone’s weight management plan and undid all their diet control/hard work of past.

Why Is It Happening?

  • Lack Of An Active Lifestyle – First and the most obvious one is a clear lack of a regular fitness regime. Most of us had to become ‘atmanirbhar’ in so many ways. Without our support system of domestic-helps, the responsibilities at home-front increased multifold.

Managing online schooling for kids and work-from-home took its toll too. This resulted in a lack of time/energy/willpower to pursue a regular fitness routine. I even know a few who had so much workload (or lack of energy) that they had to forego even their normal walks!

  • Stress – This one played a major role too. Stress from increased workload or a challenging work-front or pinched finances or loss of personal time/space or the loss of social life etc resulted in heightened pressure on us all. It got even worse for those who had to battle mental health issues on top of everything else!
  • Too Much Food – The entire family is at home and when that happens, good food flows! Or maybe, too much workload so we ordered out regularly. Or since we had some time at hands, we rekindled our old passion for cooking/baking and well, all that divine food went straight to our tummies!
  • Relying On Processed/Frozen Food – Whether its due to lack of fresh options or lack of time, many of us are eating too much of processed or ready-to-eat food or are ordering in! All such foods are high on sugars and sodium both. Midnight snacking while watching TV doesn’t help either.
  • Mental Health – A few of us ate for comfort, to fight loneliness and to battle anxiety.
  • Closed Gyms/Fitness Centers – With all the fitness centers closed, it has become increasingly difficult to find motivation or guidance. And no, online is just not the same! Not for me at least.

What Can Help?

  • The best way, ideally, would be to find some time even if half an hour…and the willpower to re-start a regular fitness regime. How about 500 rope-skips or a 45-minutes brisk walk whenever you find time (read post here on getting maximum out of your walking)?
  • The second best way, ideally, would be to practice moderation in the diet
  • A very important factor would be hydration. Drink at least 3 litres of plain or flavoured water through out the day, every day
  • Try intermittent fasting
  • Stock your pantry with healthier food and fresh produce as much as possible. You eat what you find when you are hungry, right?
  • Walk while you talk and measure your steps with a simple pedometer. Try setting yourself a target of 10,000 steps a day and achieving it
  • Get adequate sleep, at least 6 hours a day/night

In The End

The one simple rule of weight management is ‘calories in’ vs ‘calories burnt’. Though too simplistic and flawed sometimes, still works majorly. Simply put, if you are burning less, you eat less…preferably eat smarter! Don’t confuse it with starvation, just moderate and prefer healthy over junk.

This coupled with the few pointers above, should get you back in the shape soon. Do let me know what has worked for you so far and what you plan to do more. Just the fact that you want to try and are ready to work for it, is a commendable thing! All the very best!

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